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Who is the true Greatest of All-Time in the Basketball World?

What makes a player the greatest ever in sports and who’s the greatest basketball player of all time.

Just a few weeks ago, the 43-year-old Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl. If there was any polemic about who's the greatest football player of all time, Brady wrapped it up with another memorable performance. Now, Tom has more Lombardi trophies than any NFL franchise while notching ten Super Bowl appearances in his tremendous career that's not over yet.

the football fans cannot argue about their GOAT anymore (and if you hear someone disapproving it, he's probably nuts), the basketball fans will continue doing it for a while. Just a few days ago, LeBron James dropped 30 points in the Lakers' win over Minnesota, becoming the third player in NBA history to reach 35,000 points and making his case for the greatest basketball player ever even stronger.

Some say Lebron is already the GOAT. He's already set so many records. James has the most points in the postseason (7,491) and the second-placed Michael Jordan is not even close (5,987). LeBron also has the most steals in the playoffs (445) and is second in assists through the postseason (1,871), just behind John Stockton.

Furthermore, King James is the only player ever to win the NBA Finals with three different teams (Cleveland, Miami, and LA Lakers). He has been the team's leader in points, rebounds, and assists seven times in the NBA championship series, and no other player has done it more than once. Also, LeBron has hit the most game-winning buzzer-beaters in the playoffs, more than Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan combined.

Finally, LeBron James is the only NBA player who surpassed a 9,000-mark in all career points, rebounds, and assists. He's been a truly dominant force through three decades.

However, one thing stands as a big question mark. As well as Tom Brady, LeBron James has reached the championship game, or in his case the championship series, ten times. And how many titles he's won? Four.

Don't get me wrong because winning those four titles in ten appearances is a big deal. James was an alpha dog in each of those ten series even when he got routed by the Spurs as a 22-year-old boy. But there's a guy who went six out of six in the NBA Finals, doing it in such a style that LeBron can only dream off.

Michael Jordan doesn't know how it feels to lose the NBA Finals by an average margin of 14 points. LeBron does, and he did it with the mighty Miami Heat in 2014. MJ's Bulls struggled to get past the Pistons in the late ‘80s, but once he reached the top, Jordan was simply unstoppable.

While LeBron is doing a little bit of everything on the floor, Jordan was first and foremost a lethal scorer. His Airness was the NBA scoring champ ten times. Ten times! Throughout his career, Jordan was averaging 30.1 points per game on 49.7% shooting from the field and just 32.7% from downtown. M.J. has five regular-season MVP awards, and only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has more than Michael (six), while Bill Russell also won five.