Data-driven insights on everything basketball, in a whole new way

At StrictlyByTheNumbers, we believe that there is a more wholistic way to look at the game of basketball. There is a reason why we are called #StrictlyByTheNumbers; if it ain't backed up by the numbers, then we don't want to hear it.


Why Strictly?

  • Visualize the game like never before
    We don't just provide tables - we are a fully interactive platform that allows you to explore players and teams within modern and historical contexts.
  • Bring your questions, get answers
    Are there more than the 5 positions in the modern game? Who had the greatest season of all time? We take on all of modern basketball's toughest questions.
  • Basketball culture is more than the game
    We are not just a basketball database. The data we collect spans from economic to cultural. Believe it or not, it's not all about Ball.
  • Be your own GM
    Use Strictly tools to build rosters that will win your fantasy leagues. Identify undervalued players to squeeze every bit of value out of your roster.


Who are we?

Everything we do revolves around the numbers. Whether that means analyzing player performances, making game predictions, or settling some of the most polarizing debates- #strictly is the vehicle, data is the driver.


"Need help addressing your data problems?"