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Break Into Cloud Engineering & Artificial Intelligence!

We follow a unique teaching approach that is geared towards enabling you from a practical standpoint. You will learn from qualified industry experts, who have a plethora of experience, how to break into Cloud Engineering & Artificial Intelligence or take your skills to the next level!

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Sharpen your Programming and Cloud Engineering & A.I Skills.

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Learn high-demand skills, directly from leading industry Experts.

// Learn Big Data By Learning Spark. :) import pyspark from pyspark.sql import SparkSession # Start Spark Session spark = SparkSession.builder.master('local[*]'). \ appName('').getOrCreate() # Load data from BigQuery table="exams.scores" df = \ .format("bigquery") \ .option("table", table) \ .option("viewsEnabled","true") \ .load().withColumn("score",col("score").cast("float")) = False ) +-------+---------------+------+ | name|gender |score | +-------+---------------+------+ | Jon | Math | 65.6%| |Mike | Math | 70%| | Robert| English | 100%| | Maria| English | 50%| | Jenny| Geography| null|
Basketball Solutions

Level the Playing Field, and outdo the Competition

Get detailed analytical breakdowns of basketball games, teams, players, coaching, and more! Whether you are trying to construct the next Championship Team, identify undervalued players, or improve your overall Operational Strategy, we have tools to guide you on your journey!

  • Detailed Historical and Current game breakdowns for Regular Season and Playoff Performances.
  • Dyanmic Coaching & Play Calling.
  • MVP Tracker & Roster Formations.
  • Individual Season + Career Player Comaprisions, Across different Eras!
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Strictly Products

We at Strictly try to work on different worldly problem with AI and ML
Here are some of our public platforms and products!

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Strictly Courses
Break in Cloud Engineering & Artificial Intellgience with our e-learning platform! Gain high-demand industry skills from experience Subject Matter Experts.
Python,Linux/ Command-line, Cloud (i.e: AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud), and Big Data Engineering.
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Strictly Basketball
Increase Championship Odds, and level the Basketball playing field through Data-Driven Insights,Predictive Analytics, & Artifical Intelligence!
From Roster formations, to Dynamic Play-Calling, we've got you covered!